A unique program designed to help ambitious startup founders go from a dream to 1st user in 6 months!




Operators in residence

Curated operators who are available to work alongside the startups on development, design, legal, product and business aspects.



Premium mentoring

Guidance and support provided by experienced mentors to address the specific needs and challenges of each development stage of the startups in the program.



Hands-on workshops

Practical training sessions designed to equip startups with essential skills, following frameworks like the Design Sprint, Product Vision & Strategy, JTBD, etc. 



Relocation incentives

Startups relocating to Oradea will receive a €1,000 grant, and we will cover the living expenses in Oradea.




Startups in the Incubation Stage will receive a €2,000 grant.




Access to €50,000 funding tickets after the Bright Labs Incubator 2024 Demo Day. 


Program Roadmap

Bright Labs Incubator Presentantion (ENG) 2024

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Experience a Summer in Oradea

Source: Visit Oradea

Romania's charming gem, boasting a captivating blend of architectural styles. 89 Art Nouveau buildings decorating its streets, each route promising unique delights for the eye.


Source: Oradea Tech Hub

Oradea Fortress, the heart of the city, stands as the epicenter of innovation, offering dedicated co-working spaces for startups to embark on their journey into the realm of fantasy and innovation.


Source: Daniel Satmari

 Oradea thrives as a modern hub of culture and excitement. From dynamic cultural experiences to lively music festivals, the city buzzes with diverse events year-round.

Source: Make IT in Oradea

The networking events serve as vibrant gatherings where education, business, and technology intersect, reflecting the city's commitment to progress.


Source: Aquapark Nymphaea

Startup-friendly oasis, where thermal water experiences await to dissolve the stress. Oradea's tranquil ambiance, provides the perfect environment to recharge, and foster your creativity.


Source: Alba24

Oradea is the perfect gateway to the breathtaking Apuseni Mountains, offering outdoor adventures as hiking and discovering hidden waterfalls and caves, just waiting to be explored.

What's stopping you from becoming the next Bright Labs Alumni? 

Bright Labs Incubator Retrospective















mentoring hours



World-class Mentors & Operators


Roland Szabo

Roland Szabo

ML&AI Expert



Vasilica Bob

CPO @123FormBuilder


Catalin Rus

Catalin Rus

COO @PrimeDash


Ioana Rus

Ioana Rus

Chairwoman @PrimeDash


Emanuel Martonca

Emanuel Martonca

Pricing Strategist @Soft Fight


Florin Capota

Florin Capota

Brand Designer @Blackboard


Razvan Comanici

Razvan Comanici

Brand Strategist @Blackboard


Daniel Andor

Daniel Andor

Product Specialist @Durran


Paul Harfas

Paul Harfas

Co-founder @Octavic


Razvan Suta

Razvan Suta

CEE Business Development Lead @Startup Wise Guys


Gabriel Pana

Gabriel Pana

Founder @Traction Keys


Bogdan Avram

Bogdan Avram


Adrian Pica

Adrian Pica

Co-founder @Preț


Adrian Daniel

Adrian Daniel

Co-Founder & CEO


David Achim

David Achim

CEO @MakeITinOradea


Alin Meches

Alin Merches

Co-founder & CEO @Mobiversal


startup wise guys
soft fight

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for Bright Labs Incubator?

Anyone with a scalable startup idea, ready to commit to develop it to the next level of growth.


Can international startups apply?

Yes, but keep in mind that while some activities can be accessed remotely, 6 weeks of the incubation stage — including workshops, sprints, challenges — and the Demo Day event requires on-site participation in Oradea.


Are the operators in residence paid by the program or by the startups?

They are paid by the program for a limited number of hours for each startup, depending on the startup's needs. If the startup wants more hours with an operator, they have the option to offer equity or to pay from their own budget.


What exactly counts as living expenses? Will the program cover these costs or reimburse them?

We offer accommodation and a meal/ day. These are provided by use, we don't reimburse.


When will the startup receive the grants?

The first €1,000 will be received after being selected in the Incubation Stage. The remaining €1,000 will be received after the Progress Day (a status-check meeting following the completion of the Market Mapping and Distribution pillars). Those who relocate will receive the €1,000 right away.


Is the €50,000 investment round in exchange for equity?



What happens after the incubation period?

As a Bright Labs Incubator Alumni, you are part of our network, gaining permanent access to our communication channels, exclusive events, mentors and investors, and a vibrant connection with the local community.


Does the incubation program sign an NDA with the startups?